Thoughts on Sherman

We’re in Year 1 of the Mike Sherman experiment.  I use the term experiment because no one knows how it’s going to turn out.  Not even the two people most in tune with the situation which happens to be Coach Sherman and Bill Byrne.  I have always questioned the hire but I’m willing to give Sherman at minimum two years and in reality 3-4.

If he goes 2-10 we might as well admit to a mistake and move on as I just don’t see him ever recovering. He’ll likely struggle in recruiting unless we start paying players again due to the wins and losses.  Without getting the top recruits he’s going to have a tough time beating the Stoops and Browns of the world.

I do think Sherman needs to win at least one of KSU or CU at Kyle and at least one of ISU or Baylor on the road to be at minimum 4-8.  Ideally, he’d win all four and go 6-6.  If he does that after the hole he dug with Arky State then I’ll feel much better.  Worse than 4-8 and you better keep me away from a B/CS area phone book.  That’s an inside joke I’ll have to explain in person as I’m not sure the statute of limitations has expired.

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