Good Weekend of College Football Watching

Two weeks ago I had a great weekend of college football watching that I’m looking to replicate this weekend.

That weekend my wife and I left Cold Fort Worth Beer around 8:00 a.m. and headed to the A&M/Army game.  Afterwards we busted out of Aggieland and were back in Fort Worth around 5:45.  Headed to a bar near the TCU campus to watch OU/TCU coupled with UGA/BAMA and Va. Tech/Neb.

This weekend holds even more promise as I’m headed out of Cold Fort Worth Beer around 8:00 to get to a tailgate and watch the first half of the sips and Sooners.  Then it’s off to Kyle to catch the Ags battle KSU.  Afterwards I’m busting out again to get back to CFWB by 7:00 to catch UF/LSU and OSU/Mizzou at the previously referenced TCU area bar.

There’s nothing like college football and cold beer.  Good thing it’s actually seasonal or I might be dead of liver failure already.

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