First Post – Name Explanation

The name comes from my trip to Clemson back in 2005.  We took on the mighty Clemson Tigers with a team that should have been on the rise after coming off a Cotton Bowl berth.  I’ve drank a lot of beers since then so I don’t remember the exact details but late in the game Coach Fran went for an extra point when he clearly should have gone for 2.  His defense was getting gashed and it wasn’t certain we’d get the ball back.

I believe we lost that game by one point which is why he should have gone for 2.  The point of the name is that after the final second ticked off and we lost, I turned around behind me and there was this older Aggie that looked at me and said, “Young man, RC would have gone for 2.”  He said nothing else and walked on.  No other exchange other than, “Young man, RC would have gone for 2” and that was it.  I could clearly tell he wasn’t on the FranWagon like me.

I was a very vocal opponent to RC for oh, about 7 years so I thought the old man was crazy because he couldn’t see what Fran was building like I could.  It was a one point loss on the road to open up the season agaisnt a decent Clemson team.  I joked to people that night that I was going to get the url to show those idiotic RC supporters what fools they were as Fran brought us to national prominence.  Well, the joke wound up being on me because he was right.  Fran wasn’t the answer and here we stand.

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