Updated Arkansas Prediction – 38 to 34 (Hogs win)

I hate doing this but I have to update my prediction on the Arkansas game.  It’s due to John Lopez’s piece on Jerrod Johnson.  It’s a GREAT piece but I feel it’s just too soon.  Here’s the article if you haven’t read it:


Look, I love JJ as I think he’s an amazing kid and I want him to do well.  There’s nothing I’d love more than to see JJ hoisting the Big XII Championship and winning a BCS game.  Nothing more.

However, I think John jumped the gun a bit on this thing.  Prior to this year we all made fun of Tech’s eye popping numbers against weaker teams prior to conference.  Well, that’s us right now.  We haven’t played anyone.

That changes this weekend but like Bill Parcells said about Tony Romo – Let’s not get the anointing oil out just yet.  I just think it’s bad karma on Lopez’s end to write this article this week.  Wait until AFTER the Arkansas game.  Although we’re on TV there are a TON of people that won’t see the game due to OU/Miami and will take Lopez’s article with a grain of salt.  Save this article for after the Arkansas game if it’s warranted.

In case you don’t know Lopez has a serious bias to JJ and that’s not a bad thing.  Lopez was friends with JJ’s Dad and Lopez’s son is one of JJ’s friends.  What Lopez didn’t mention in that article is that he coached that AAU team that he referenced.  I wish he would have disclosed that.

Like I said, don’t take this the wrong way as me not liking JJ.  I want JJ to succeed.  I lost my Dad while I was at A&M to a massive heart attack similar to how JJ lost his Dad.  I can relate to JJ on that and I know how so much of what he’s doing right now is to do something his Dad would be proud of.  Nobody wants him to do that more than me.  Nobody.

I just wished Lopez would have tapped the brakes until AFTER this weekend when no one can question the competition.

Here’s to JJ proving Lopez right and me wrong but I just don’t feel good about us beating Arky after going back and realizing how inconsistent JJ’s been in the three games.  Yes, he’s putting up amazing stats but he’s been inconsistent in doing so if you watched all 3 games.

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