Thoughts on the Colorado Game

Sorry there won’t be any Thoughts from the Game for the CU game as we didn’t make it.  One of our dogs threw up for the 6th time in 60 minutes right before we were leaving.  We just couldn’t leave her all alone in the backyard so we took her to the vet.  By the time we got done it was too late to get to the game.

She’s doing fine as she didn’t throw up anymore after that last time and appears to be back to normal.  We’d been to the Dog Park that morning so you never know what she could have gotten into and how bad it could have been.  We just couldn’t spend 9 hours away without anyone watching her.

I did listen to the game on the radio which could be a whole post itself with Dave and Dave.  I’ve always been a fan of Dave South since I know him personally but after that broadcast I can no longer defend him from a broadcast standpoint.  It was just a horrible broadcast.  I watched the No Huddle replay on FSN Sunday morning and it really showed me how bad he really is.  I think the most glaring example was when the CU player scored their first TD and put the ball right inside the pylon.  It was pretty clear and Dave was questioning it.  All in all it was just frustrating to listen to.

I will hit on a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Outside of one HUGE quarter we struggled offensively.  I was shocked to see us go to the I formation so much in the replay.  One of my fears with Sherman is sitting on a lead like they do in the pros.  In college football you have to keep the throttle down.  It’s amazing how we flat out throttled them through the air in the 3rd and went conservative up by 2 scores to protect the lead.  CU knew it and pinned their ears back and shut us down.  We were an onside kick and CU drive away from tying the game.  Those things never happen in the pros but they do happen more than you realize in college.
  • The defense sounded like they played a pretty good game and got some KEY turnovers when we needed them.  Without Pugh’s interception in the end zone, I wonder what the game looks like.  We finally got some pressure in the second half as well.
  • Hey, hey Randy Bullock!!
  • Watching the replay JJ just reinforced how crazy he can be in making something out of nothing.  There was one play where he was rolling left and looked to be throwing it out of bounds but just drilled a pass to Jamie McCoy even though he didn’t catch it.  That’s a very tough throw.

All in all, that was about it.  Let’s just hope we can beat Baylor and not get too embarassed in the games against OU and tu.

I still say Sherm needs to do this over the next three seasons for me to believe in him:

Year 2 – Win a bowl game.  Don’t care which one or the record but we need to win a bowl game since it’s been since the 2001 and Mattress Mac Bowl since we won one.  Obviously a BCS loss or close Cotton Bowl loss is acceptable.  Anything outside of that will be a disappoiintment.

Year 3 – Finish the season in the Top 25.  Don’t care about the W/L or the Bowl as finishing in the Top 25 will let that stuff take care of itself.

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